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Every Day Happiness
Fun moments
Love Is All Around
Start From Scratch
Our Beautiful Wedding
Love Is All Around
Our Beautiful Wedding
I love You
Seaside Adventures
Fun Moments
Welcome Home Baby!
Everyday Happiness
Universal Catalog Father's Day
I love You
Holiday Cheer
Celebrating New Year
Mix ‘N’ Match template Collection

Everyday Template Collection

Start From Scratch

The Everyday Template Collection is extremely versatile. Use any of these templates for various types of occasions! For example:

  • To portray special moments with friends or family
  • To write a diary
  • To make a friendship book
  • To showcase your travel adventures
  • As a Thankyou photo book
  • To showcase a baby shower
  • To recap your year or an accomplishment

There really is no limit!

All templates are customizable: you can change the text, change the layout, add more photos or stickers, change the background color. Imagine the possibilities!

Everyday Happiness

Share any moment with friends and family in a digital book designed with cheerfulness in mind. The bright colors and cheery designs compliment the friendly mood.

Fun Moments

Cherish your memories with friends and family in this book, featuring a palette of neutral, earthy colors. Suitable for many occasions!

Start from Scratch

This is a book without a template. You can completely customize it yourself – you have maximum flexibility to show your creativity. Use different color backgrounds, play with the stickers, different fonts, color, or sizes for the text.

Love is all around us

Share photos of your special moments using this template’s versatile and playful design. Romance, friendship, and family are perfect subjects.

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